The 5 reasons why we choose cans instead of bottles.

Cans… It often produces associations with students, vagrants and alcoholics. Consumption in large numbers, preferably picked from the bottom shelves of a supermarket. But that’s changing! 

Because cans have a number of important advantages, which contribute specifically to the taste experience of craft beer. 

As a result, canned craft beer stays fresh for longer, which ensures that the taste is retained for longer. Especially with IPA, where the fresh hop aromas and hop experience are so crucial, you prefer to drink it as fresh as possible. And it is also much more environmentally friendly.

That’s why true connoisseurs prefer IPA from a can to IPA from a bottle. Tin is better for taste and better for the environment.

5 Important facts about canning:

  1. Sunlight affects the hops and therefore the taste. Tin is 100% light-tight and therefore ensures that the taste of your IPA is perfectly preserved.
  2. Oxygen also affects the taste. Bottles are never 100% oxygen sealed. Certainly not the screw caps. A can is 100% light-tight, so this too is an advantage.
  3. An IPA is nice when it’s cool. Cans cool faster than bottles. That can be useful, but it is also better for the environment because less energy is needed to get your IPA up to temperature.
  4. Tinplate is lighter than glass and it is better to stack. Logistically, this has major advantages over bottles. The transport of cans results in lower CO2 emissions than the transport of bottles.
  5. Tin can be recycled much better than glass. Tin can also be disposed of with regular waste.

IPA from the can into the glass

You can empty a can of DUTCH IPA in one go in the DUTCH IPA glass. No worries, it fits exactly. Feel free to let the beer’s foam run a little over the edge. You will then receive a wonderfully sturdy foam head. Tough sailors are only really in their element when the foam flies around them ;-). Do not skim your IPA. Let the head go its own way. And don’t forget to smell your beer. The aromas are surprisingly delicious.

Cheers mate!