Dockum brewery wins gold twice with DUTCH IPA beer brand at the World Beer Awards

Dockum Brewery, proud brewer of DUTCH IPA and Kâld Kletske, has won five prizes during the World Beer Awards in London. The Bittersweet Victory (Mosaic IPA) and Bitter Balance (West Coast IPA) were voted as the best beer (gold medal) in their category. Black Canon (Imperial Stout) and Lemons for Lunch (Sour IPA) were voted second best (silver medal) in the Netherlands. In addition, the Easy does it (Session IPA) was awarded a bronze medal.

What is IPA?

The India Pale Ale (IPA) is perhaps the most popular beer style of the moment. Well hopped, bitter and refreshing beer with typical aromas of cedar, citrus and tropical fruit.

The origins of IPA go back to the 17th century when England had many overseas colonies. At that time, the brewers from the town of Burton-on-Trent brewed exclusively for the East India Company. It took a ship almost five months to get this beer to the British stationed in India – too long to keep ordinary beer good. By adding extra hops to the beer (hops have a preservative effect), the beer stayed good for longer. The export beer was hopped more heavily and therefore more bitter. Ultimately, these were also the Ales that were exported outside the UK, not only to India but also to America.


DUTCH IPA tells the story of the Dutch Captain IPA. During the ‘golden age’, the Captain regularly traveled the world in search of new flavors and aromas for its beloved drink… beer. But this journey was not without a struggle. He had to overcome many dangers. From fierce storms to cunning pirates and from hungry sharks to the blistering heat.

But nothing could stop adventurer and epicurean Captain IPA from achieving his goal! What a can of spinach is to Popeye during a ‘dippie’, is to Captain IPA a can of DUTCH IPA. You will also never see him without a can in his hand. Captain IPA’s boat may have been made of wood, but the captain himself was a man of steel.

The stories of Captain IPA can be found on the looks of DUTCH IPA. Each image tells of the dangers he has had to overcome and the flavors that predominate in the respective IPA.

The World Beer Awards confirm with these 5 prizes that this voyage of discovery leads to special IPAs.